Blue Lady Collection (first edition)



Ive been holding onto these blues for a while now.

This is what came out of the looooong lockdown and separation from loved ones in 2020.

These Ladies emerged out of the blue (literally and figuratively) during that time of isolation. They have also been called The Isolation Blues

On the bright side it gave me focused studio time and a delicious moodiness that came out in the work.

 The use of the term Lady refers to women but also to Lady Day, my beloved Billie Holiday who embodies creating something beautiful out of adversity…

These are the kind of blues that you can happily wallow in!

MANY things have a hand in this work.

The Air decides how quickly the paint dries

And how much each brush stroke is seen

The Paper decides how much water it can take

Before it tears

My Hand, the Brush, the Music, my Thoughts and the Unseen helpers guiding me along The way

All play their part to reveal each

Blue Lady

Love Melissa